Band of the Hand is an American 1986 crime film directed by Paul Michael Glaser. This film turned into a theatrical release after it failed as a television pilot.

The title track is written by Bob Dylan, and while it appeared on the soundtrack album and as a single, it has never been released on one of his own albums.

Plot Edit

The story involves a group of juvenile delinquents in their teens who are doomed to be prosecuted as adults for their crimes unless they take part in a new and experimental "program" led by a Vietnam veteran Native American (Lang) from the Everglades. The teens must learn to survive in the dangerous swamp and how to work together. Upon completion of the program, the group buys a vacant house in a dangerous part of Miami and slowly rebuilds the neighborhood, kicking out the pimps, prostitutes and drug dealers. The film's climax has the group taking the fight directly to a drug manufacturing facility that is equipped with an M-134 Minigun.