Crunchem Hall Elementary School
Background Information
Feature films Matilda
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names Crunchem Hall
Ruler(s) Miss Trunchbull (formerly)
Miss Honey (currently)
Students Matilda Wormwood, Bruce Bogtrotter, Lavender, Hortensia, Amanda Thripp, Julius,
Final state Became a happier school after Trunchbull fled, and Miss Honey became the new principal of the school.

Crunchem Hall Elementary School is one of the main setting of the film Matilda. It was once ruled by the mean tyrannical principal Agatha Trunchbull, after Miss Trunchbull fled, Miss Honey took over and the school became happier.


Harry Wormwood drove Matilda to the school that he enrolled her to after he sold a car to Trunchbull. Matilda appreciates the school, but becomes concerned about the Trunchbull coming out of the school and harass children around. Trunchbull then insults Amanda Thripp's pigtails and swings her over the fence into the garden patch. Trunchbull dismisses all the students into the school.

When Matilda is settled into her new class, Miss Honey becomes impressed with her smart knowledge of solving out math problems and speaks to the Trunchbull in her office. Miss Honey requests that Matilda should be moved up to a higher advanced class, but Miss Trunchbull clearly refuses, insulting the children in front of her and before throwing Miss Honey out.

The next day, Trunchbull orders the entire school to the assembly hall where she forces Bruce Bogtrotter to eat a chocolate cake that contains sweat and blood as a harsh punishment for his thievery of her slice. Bruce almost vomits, but with the encouragement of the school, Bruce finishes the cake whole, prompting Trunchbull to keep the entire assembly to stay five hours after school and copy from the dictionary.

After what happened next day, Trunchbull arrives, and imprisons Matilda in the chokey for the faulty car. As Miss Honey rescues Matilda, Trunchbull teaches the class for a weekly check-up and starts to belittle the students. As a prank, Lavender secretly placed a newt in the pitcher, and Trunchbull unknowingly drinks her glass of water that contains the newt. Miss Trunchbull reacts to this and accuses Matilda for the prank. As Trunchbull makes a speech, Matilda unknowingly knocks over the glass with her powers, sending the newt on the Trunchbull which freaks her out. Trunchbull then accuses Matilda again before storming out in humiliation.

The next day, Trunchbull arrives at the school after nearly being traumatized by the haunting of Magnus Honey's ghost. After Matilda demonstrates her powers to Miss Honey, Trunchbull takes over the class again to find out who is responsible for the prank at her house the night before, revealing Matilda's hair ribbon that she found in order to get Matilda to admit her guilt. With no takers and with Miss Honey standing up to her aunt, Miss Trunchbull is about to imprison Matilda again, but Matilda uses her powers to spook Trunchbull, posing as the ghost of Magnus. Trunchbull tries to attack the students, but Matilda uses her power to keep them out of harm's way. Then the students force the Trunchbull out of the school for good. After that, the school became happier and with Miss Honey taking over as the Principal.

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