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  • Edgar the Bug: Blown apart internally by Agent K, then shot by Laurel Weaver.
  • Norman Osborn: Attempts to kill Peter Parker (AKA Spider-Man) with his glider, but accidentally impales himself.
  • Jarra: Outsmarted and killed by Agent J.
  • Serleena: Destroyed by Agent J, respawns, then gets swallowed by Jeff the worm, and finally destroyed for good by J and K.
  • Dr. Otto Octavius: Regains his senses and sacrifices himself to stop his deadly experiment and save the city.
  • Flint Marko: Tells Peter what actually happened the night his uncle was killed before turning to sand and blowing away.
  • Eddie Brock: Killed by one of Harry's bombs used by Peter to destroy the symbiote.
  • Harry Osborn: Dies from his injuries after reconciling with Peter.
  • Bowling Ball Head: Gets his head ripped off by Agent K, then used as a bowling ball by Agent J twice.
  • Boris The Animal: Outsmarted and overpowered by Agent J (Future Boris), gets his left arm destroyed again and later killed by Agent K (Past Boris).
  • Emil Stenz: Killed when a grenade belt tied around his throat detonates.
  • Martin Walker: Shot to death by John Cale.
  • Eli Raphelson: Exposed and arrested.


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