No Mercy is a 1986 film starring Richard Gere and Kim Basinger about a policeman who accepts an offer to kill a Cajun gangster.

Plot Edit

Eddie Jilette is a Chicago cop on the vengeance trail as he follows his partner's killers to New Orleans to settle his own personal score. Eddie flees through the Louisiana bayous with Michel Duval, the beautiful Cajun mistress of a murderous crime lord who aims to destroy the Chicago detective before he can avenge his partner's murder. Michel and Eddie fall for each other, although they clash repeatedly while handcuffed together as they attempt to elude the brutal underworld figure and his henchmen.

Cast Edit

  • Richard Gere – Eddie Jillette
  • Kim Basinger – Michel Duval
  • Jeroen Krabbé – Losado
  • George Dzundza – Captain Stemkowski
  • Gary Basaraba – Joe Collins
  • William Atherton – Allan Deveneux
  • Terry Kinney – Paul Deveneux
  • Ely Pouget – Julia Fischer
  • Bruce McGill – Lieutenant Hall
  • Ray Sharkey – Angles Ryan
  • Marita Geraghty – Alice Collins
  • Aleta Mitchell – Cara
  • Fred Gratton – Quiet
  • Dionisio – Pinto
  • Kim Chan – Old Asian Man